Events, Events and….more events!

I think I’m finally starting to feel “the pinch” of owning my own business! Or, I’m starting to get the feeling back in my fingers from all the new inventory I am making due to all of the events I am attending!?

Coro attended the family fun festival at Red Rock Church here in Colorado Springs on Sunday, July 15. It was a VERY windy day in which my booth looked more like a sailboat on the water than a tent in a parking lot, but all in all, I learned a lot and was pleased to hear remarks such as, “Wow! I love the look and style of your jewelry” and “How creative to use antique metal pieces in your necklaces!” A big “thank you!” to those of you who came by and made a purchase (a FIRST purchase for some of you! YAY!), and/or offered your wonderful encouragement!

Coro also attended her first wine festival event on Saturday, July 21st in Castlerock, CO called Castlerock Winefest.

Here is my “top 10” list for being a vendor at a wine festival event…

10. Forget interacting with your customers because the guy with the stadium-style sound system across the lawn is blaring his music for a stadium-sized crowd.

9. Wait, you MAY actually have a chance to speak to your customers as previously mentioned guy with the sound system is playing his music ON HIS PHONE and every time he gets a call, we got a much needed music break and instead heard his wife’s voice saying “Hello? Hello?!”

8. People who attend wine festivals are HAPPY and TALKATIVE! (Gee, I wonder why?)

7. Having a winery booth as a “booth neighbor” is a good thing because while guests are waiting in line for their tastes, they can shop/view YOUR booth (and, of course, you have close proximity for your own wine tasting!)

6. Rain really is always “a good thing” as wine-oh’s come prepared for a storm and end up in your booth in a downpour (which can lead to SALES as they have nowhere to go!)

5. Donuts and dunk tanks are a GOOD combination. Donuts bring great smells and dunk tanks are always entertaining!

4. While my fabulous leather jewelry is water and storm proof, my little paper cards that my jewelry is displayed on are NOT. As a bonus, those same little cards bend and curve from the heat & humidity that follows.

3. Having a super cute dress boutique booth (Addison Ivy you ladies ROCK!) as your “other neighbor” is also a good thing as everyone knows that good fashion includes both great clothes AND great jewelry!

2. Did you know that as a vendor of a wine festival you get a complimentary tasting glass!?

1. Being a vendor at a wine festival is a GREAT thing and I look forward to my next event in Woodland Park, CO on Saturday, August 4 called Vino & Notes!

Vino & Notes in Woodland, Park CO, which benefits the Teller County Habitat for Humanity, has a great weekend in store for you! With one ticket you can attend both the wine maker’s dinner on Friday night, which features a 5 course, wine paired dinner, and also the event on Saturday (which also has FOOD and JAZZ in addition to fabulous wine)! For more information, go here…

Get Tickets!

As a reminder, if you want to SHOP, prefer to see my pieces “in person” and happened to be on the Northeast side of Colorado Springs, you can stop by my “door display” at Paris Market Vintage in the Shops at Briargate! They’re open daily from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 11am-6pm.

Jamie Stahler