Thursday + Coro = New Beauties for YOU!

Starting TODAY, EVERY THURSDAY will have NEW RELEASES just for you!

Here’s what you can look forward to…

  • 2-3 BRAND NEW styles every week (along with at least 1 “tried and true” favorite) posted on Coro’s website and Coro’s social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram)
  • “Fit” videos on Coro’s FB group page of those new and favorite styles so you know exactly how her beauties will look on YOU and what to wear them with
  • Calendar reminders (with ways to WIN SHOPPING CREDITS!) on Coro’s FB business page so YOU will be very first to see the newest beauties from Coro
Looking for more ways to see Coro’s beauties?
Paris Market Vintage in The Promenade Shops at Briargate (Colorado Springs, CO) is a stunning open-air shopping mall featuring some of the finest national retailers, convenient parking & stunning mountain views!  You can even bring your doggy with you!

Sweet William Antique Mall in Old Colorado City (also Colorado Springs, CO) is a cozy shopping spot featuring 50+ dealers and shops full of repurposed and retro items, industrial to rustic collectibles and, of course, antiques.

Coro’s Next Event is the 41st Annual Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch (Colorado Springs, CO) September 13-15, 2019.  Enjoy 165 Fine American Folk Artists, Food, Music and Historic Tours! Enjoy advanced ticket sales at

Custom Orders Do you have a unique, antique/vintage item, perhaps a family heirloom, that you want to make into a necklace or earrings?  Come to my home, or we can FaceTime and I would love to work with you to showcase your item in a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will love!

A “thank you”, a recipe, a winner and a reminder (there’s a giveaway involved!)…

A “Thank You!”…I could say a LOT of great words about Coro’s first open house but the two that come to mind first are…Thank You!

My heart is filled with joy, fulfillment and excitement thanks to all of who attended Coro’s first open house last week Friday!  It’s for all of you, my wonderful customers, that I do what I do!

Without you, my dream of owning my own business, having a flexible schedule to serve my family and helping women (and men too in their soon-to-be leather cuff bracelets!) feel confident, respected and stylish wearing Coro’s creations wouldn’t be possible!

Coro’s first open house exceeded my expectations in SO many ways!  Our home was filled with so many compliments from you all like, “Wow, your house looks like a model home with all the lovely Fall decorations”, and “You are a genius to repurpose and reuse old, vintage pieces like that in your necklaces” and “I am in love with your earrings because they are SO lightweight!.”

For those that physically attended, you will know that the night was filled with yummy, Fall inspired treats and drinks (a special “thank you” to Jessica Vasquez and her mom in law LeAnn Vasquez for the fabulous recipe wassil recipe that I will share below!), special event pricing, giveaways, and easy, laid back conversations as we enjoyed time with old and new friends.

Don’t be surprised if you see more open house events for Coro!  Based on how this first open house went, you have made it clear that you had a great time and I have already had requests for another event!  And, please don’t hesitate to share any feedback with me that you think would be helpful for future events.

For those who couldn’t attend, there is still a lot of good things going on for you too! Keep reading as you don’t want to miss what’s at the bottom of this post!  🙂

A Recipe…Here is the wassail recipe from Jessica Vasquez and LeAnn Vasquez…

1 gallon 100% cranberry juice, 1/2 gallon apple cider (not apple juice), (4) cinnamon sticks, (1) whole orange sliced, (5-10) red hot candies (little red candies found by the sprinkles in the baking aisle), and (5-10) whole dried cloves.  Simmer for several hours (I did 2 hours).  ENJOY!

A Winner…by random number generator, Miss Cheryl Wilhelmi, YOU are the winner of the “Try Your Hand” Leather Cutting Giveaway!  You have won a complimentary pair of earrings of your choice.  Congrats!  I hope everyone enjoyed trying his/her hand at cutting leather.  Perhaps you now have a new appreciation for handmade (yes, that means hand CUT!) leather jewelry!  🙂

A Reminder (or two!)…There is a SECOND GIVEAWAY (with a code for 20% off 1 item as well!) going on right now!  As you visit the pages of this website there should be a box that pops up while you are scrolling that asks you for your email.  Simply fill it out, and you will be entered in both the drawing for the set of earrings AND get a code to use online (or in person) on 1 item in Coro’s shop! Enjoy!

Ready for some Christmas shopping!?  Coro’s next event will be at the Liberty High School Craft Fair on Saturday, November 10 from 9am – 4pm.  I would love to have you stop by and see more new styles (yes, more bracelets!) and special event deals!

As always, you can shop my home display or at Paris Market Vintage in the Shops at Briargate!


Coro’s 1st Open House (and website launch) and YOU are invited!

Who?  You (of course!)

What?  Coro’s First Open House (and website launch)

When?  Friday, October 26 from 6pm to 9pm

Where?  The Krause House (please email me for the address at if you need it)

Why?  To give you, our fabulous customers, a wonderful evening of tasty treats, refreshments, a tour of the new website, exclusive pricing, giveaways, brand new (never seen!) styles of earrings and necklaces and…drumroll…a leather cuff bracelet (Yes!  A bracelet!)

We hope you all can attend!

Top 10 List For Being a Vendor at a Wine Festival

Events, Events and….more events!

I think I’m finally starting to feel “the pinch” of owning my own business! Or, I’m starting to get the feeling back in my fingers from all the new inventory I am making due to all of the events I am attending!?

Coro attended the family fun festival at Red Rock Church here in Colorado Springs on Sunday, July 15. It was a VERY windy day in which my booth looked more like a sailboat on the water than a tent in a parking lot, but all in all, I learned a lot and was pleased to hear remarks such as, “Wow! I love the look and style of your jewelry” and “How creative to use antique metal pieces in your necklaces!” A big “thank you!” to those of you who came by and made a purchase (a FIRST purchase for some of you! YAY!), and/or offered your wonderful encouragement!

Coro also attended her first wine festival event on Saturday, July 21st in Castlerock, CO called Castlerock Winefest.

Here is my “top 10” list for being a vendor at a wine festival event…

10. Forget interacting with your customers because the guy with the stadium-style sound system across the lawn is blaring his music for a stadium-sized crowd.

9. Wait, you MAY actually have a chance to speak to your customers as previously mentioned guy with the sound system is playing his music ON HIS PHONE and every time he gets a call, we got a much needed music break and instead heard his wife’s voice saying “Hello? Hello?!”

8. People who attend wine festivals are HAPPY and TALKATIVE! (Gee, I wonder why?)

7. Having a winery booth as a “booth neighbor” is a good thing because while guests are waiting in line for their tastes, they can shop/view YOUR booth (and, of course, you have close proximity for your own wine tasting!)

6. Rain really is always “a good thing” as wine-oh’s come prepared for a storm and end up in your booth in a downpour (which can lead to SALES as they have nowhere to go!)

5. Donuts and dunk tanks are a GOOD combination. Donuts bring great smells and dunk tanks are always entertaining!

4. While my fabulous leather jewelry is water and storm proof, my little paper cards that my jewelry is displayed on are NOT. As a bonus, those same little cards bend and curve from the heat & humidity that follows.

3. Having a super cute dress boutique booth (Addison Ivy you ladies ROCK!) as your “other neighbor” is also a good thing as everyone knows that good fashion includes both great clothes AND great jewelry!

2. Did you know that as a vendor of a wine festival you get a complimentary tasting glass!?

1. Being a vendor at a wine festival is a GREAT thing and I look forward to my next event in Woodland Park, CO on Saturday, August 4 called Vino & Notes!

Vino & Notes in Woodland, Park CO, which benefits the Teller County Habitat for Humanity, has a great weekend in store for you! With one ticket you can attend both the wine maker’s dinner on Friday night, which features a 5 course, wine paired dinner, and also the event on Saturday (which also has FOOD and JAZZ in addition to fabulous wine)! For more information, go here…

Get Tickets!

As a reminder, if you want to SHOP, prefer to see my pieces “in person” and happened to be on the Northeast side of Colorado Springs, you can stop by my “door display” at Paris Market Vintage in the Shops at Briargate! They’re open daily from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 11am-6pm.

Happy 1st Birthday Coro!

It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago today I was sitting in my friend’s kitchen for April’s monthly craft group and learning the basics of cutting leather and assembling earrings.  I remember thinking to myself, “Gee, this is really fun, and pretty simple.  I really enjoy this!”

I had no previous jewelry making experience, except perhaps for making “friendship bracelets” as a kid out of embossing floss in the car on one of our family’s monthly car trips to Milwaukee, WI.

I loved choosing the color combinations and the methodical weaving of the bracelets, but more so, I loved thinking about the person who the completed bracelet was going to and how it would make him/her feel when receiving it and wearing it. 

I never really thought of myself as a “crafty person”, but my invitation to join craft group made me think otherwise.

My part-time position as an event planner constantly challenged me creatively by setting up elaborate, themed food buffets, designing invitations and nametags and assembling floral decorations, so I knew that “crafty person” was in there and she was just waiting for a new challenge.

As the weeks went on after craft group, and I continued to stay up later and later at night making more styles of leather earrings, and I realized that my new little hobby could perhaps become the business that I knew I always wanted, but didn’t know what I was going to sell!

Happy 1st Birthday Coro!

I wore a pair of my white leather knot earrings (which is STILL one of my favorite “go to” pairs and if you own a pair, you know why!  They go with everything!) to my daughter’s dance class one Friday and a fellow dance mom not only told me she “loooooooooved my earrings”, but asked me if she could BUY a pair!  What!?  That comment and question definitely changed things for me. My first 3 customers were my dance mom friends!

My new business needed a name and a “why” and the name is a contribution from a friend of mine who grew up in Brazil as a missionary kid and speaks fluent Portuguese.  Coro, or correctly spelled “couro” is the Portuguese word for “leather.”  I loved the word from the moment she said it!  It was short, to the point and easy to spell!

As for the “why”, we desire to feel beautiful, confident and respected and that is how I feel when I wear my jewelry.  It brings me joy to not only make my jewelry, but to see you feeling beautiful, confident and respected while wearing it! 

My business had a name, but now it needed leather!  At first, I was buying bags of “scrap leather” from craft stores, which was convenient, but most of the leather was “not very exciting ”, the same color (there must be lots of brown cows out there!), and it was expensive for a tiny little bag.

A lady at a craft store suggested the most brilliant idea.  Ask local upholstery shops for their leather scraps!  I was so excited with her suggestion that I called 5 upholstery stores the moment I got back into my car.

Using scraps from upholstery shops has done many things for me.  First, I get to give new life to AMAZING leather pieces that would normally be thrown away (that fancy word “upcycling” right?).  Second, I get to invest in new and continued relationships with those in the shop who have great stories to tell.  (Yes, one of the guys in the shop has a pitbull named “Bones”).  Third, I am challenged creatively to use the colors and patterns of the leather I receive and I love it (I have leather that still has HAIR on it and it’s one of my best sellers!).

I’m pretty proud of where Coro has been and what “she” has become in just one year.  She is in two retail stores, Moxie in Breckenridge, CO and Paris Market Vintage in the Shops at Briargate in Colorado Springs, CO.  She has over 20 styles of leather earrings, 5+ styles of necklaces (which I might add not only have a leather element, but an authentic antique or vintage element as well such as metal findings and beads) and lots of “great concept ideas” for bracelets.  She was at her first vendor event in June (the 4 gals of “A Quaint Market” will always be my favorites!), has a second event coming up this weekend (Red Rock Church, July 15 from 10am-2pm), and has over 7 more events through the rest of the year.  She is sustaining herself and has given me enough to do to resign from my part-time event planner job (yes, also giving me more time at home as a wife and mom which is an added bonus!).

So, Happy Birthday Coro!  Let’s march on to year number two (and see if I can’t figure out how to contain my leather to just ONE room of the house!).